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Green Tea Bookworks is an artisan studio, specializing in hand bookbinding and design. We produce handcrafted books, albums, journals, sketchbooks, guestbooks, scrapbooks, boxes, portfolios, bookmarks and other literary accessories.

Inspired by ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and contemporary design, we draw from European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern sources. We create classic forms with a clean, simple aesthetic and the utmost in functionality.

In business since 1999, we are a Canadian company, based in Vancouver. At this time, we produce only a few hundred pieces each year.


Book designer BERNICE KOH was born in Malaysia and raised in Canada. She has lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and Florence, Italy.

She has more than 15 years experience in academic libraries, where she has worked with various media formats, maps and rare books.

Her formal education includes a degree in International Relations and a diploma in Language Education. Other studies include bookbinding, art history and communication design.


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  Box 39032
  Vancouver, BC
  V6R 4P1


St. Paul's Hospital Foundation

Summit Entertainment / Volterra Productions *

The Word on the Street: The Vancouver Book & Magazine Fair

University of British Columbia
   Development Office
   Faculty of Science

   President's Office

   Sauder School of Business

* I was commissioned to create the scrapbook (Bella's birthday gift) which appears in the movie New Moon, the sequel to Twilight.


What does the name "Green Tea Bookworks" mean?

Our name reflects the Eastern and Western influences in our designs. We use materials from many global sources and sometimes design a book or product in order to incorporate a specific material. One example is this petalbook which has an Indian rose petal paper cover and sheer floral ribbon ties.

Is the paper acid-free?

Yes, we use acid-free papers in our albums and journals. Moreover, we strive to use other acid-free materials, such as adhesives, whenever we can find them. As there is more to preservation than just acid-free paper, you should also try to reduce the effects of the environment on materials.

studio(at)  [Vancouver, Canada]  604.714.0101

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shop gallery studio orders featured about us
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