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Green Tea Bookworks Studio

Let us help you design and create a one-of-a-kind album, a unique collection of gift books, a memory box, or any custom project. Customize your order with a cutout window, bookplate, monogram, title plate, bookmark or interleaving.


Provide your own paper, fabric or ribbon and we can create a book or album to suit you. Or select from the many materials that can be special-ordered (allow a minimum of 2 additional weeks for delivery).

Services include:
   drafting and design
   bookbinding (including basic materials)
   photo layout
   custom printing

Original projects start at $400.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for completion.

Please contact us for a consultation or additional information: studio(at)


Writers, poets, storytellers, family historians, create limited editions of your own works for family and friends. We can help you produce volumes that include attention to book design and craftsmanship, as well as to content. This could include personal memoirs, a family history or a travelogue.

Choose from our personal publishing services:
   text cleanup, formatting
   page design and layout
   book design
   bookbinding (including basic materials)

Projects start at $400. Save with multiple copies. Special materials are extra.

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for projects that include only printing and bookbinding. Allow more time for more complex projects.

Contact us for more information (while you are developing the project) at: studio(at)


FIRST DAY BOOK : Create a first day book with a large book or album. Use as a combination guestbook and photo album to chronicle the story of your family and household, starting from the first day in your house, the first day of the year, the first day of Spring, or any other "first day".

GIFT JOURNAL : Personalize a gift book by adding a photograph, drawing, handwritten inscription, poem or quotation on an inside page to inspire further literate expression.

MINIATURE BOOKS : Fill the pages of an enchanting miniature book with an entire story. Collect addresses, phone numbers or even stamps. Carry one with you to make notes wherever you go.

PORTFOLIOS : Use a handmade, ribbon-tied portfolio as an alternative to a bound book. Mount photos, memorabilia or correspondences on heavy acid-free paper and assemble a collection.

PRESERVATION : Preserve photographs, books and paper by protecting them from heat, direct light, moisture or humidity, insects and dust.


For a thoughtful and useful wedding gift, a classic photo album with smooth, heavy paper pages will be greatly appreciated. We do custom bookbinding to create unique wedding albums, guestbooks and presentation boxes.

Guest note cards
Instead of a guestbook, think about providing guests with note cards to write their comments and express their feelings. When you compile your album, you can include these handwritten cards. If you have a photo of the guest, place the card on a page with the photo. Or attach envelopes or pockets to hold a number of note cards that can be removed and read.

Pressed flowers
Pressed flowers can be a lively addition to a wedding album. Some flowers that are suitable for pressing include:
   baby's breath
Press flowers using a manufacturer's press or make your own press with sheets of paper placed between each flower and left under a weight, such as a heavy book. A microwave oven can speed up the process.

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shop gallery studio orders featured about us
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